It is our mission to help fix the ocean plastic problem. We've seen the effects of plastic pollution first hand and knew it was our responsibility to act in order to protect the ocean that we love. 


Living in Hawaii, seeing plastic pollution on our beaches is a daily occurrence. The east side of the island is a catcher's mitt for the Pacific Gyre which accumulates plastic debris in the open ocean. I was really inspired by the scientific approach taken by "The Ocean Cleanup" to identify and attack the primary ocean pollution sources. I wanted to be a part of that solution. I quit my engineering role at a Fortune 500 company to pursue building a company focused on that mission.

Andy - Founder

I want to make sure my little girl gets to experience the unspoiled beauty of the ocean. Seeing the way the ocean has been used as dumping ground has driven my passion to drive change. I feel a personal responsibility to do my part to protect it for future generations.

Edwin - Co-Founder

All Diamond Head Equipment products are designed and tested in Hawaii. Founded in 2018. We are continuously working toward reducing our impact by creating innovative products that are built for life, utilizing sustainable materials, and reducing packaging waste. Every product sold funds ocean, beach, and river cleanups around the world.